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Poor Ben has recently been hobbled by my over literal approach to life. On receiving a themed Pirate invitation to a party I duly sent him dressed to impress – complete with eye patch and wooden leg. Unfortunately it seems that all party invitations are now themed with pirates or fairies and the mother had not requested fancy dress. It was In fact a sports party – running races and the like. Ben lost quite badly what with the one leg and obscured vision. Luckily he is not a very competitive soul otherwise he would have been irreparably damaged.

End of term high jinks have had their effect as I discovered when I turned up to collect Nearly Teenage Daughter from the Abbey Choir Party – not a rip-roaring affair one would have thought but they had made the most of the opportunities afforded to them. Whilst the older ones were otherwise occupied, doubtless nefariously, in the crypt– the younger element, had headed for the Tower and balustrades. On my arrival I could follow their progress by the trail of terrified tourists fleeing the scene all being convinced that they had been hooted at by the ‘famous’ Abbey Ghosts.

These Ghouls were apparently busily engaged in devilry and dancing on the roof. The ingenious little beasts had made dramatic use of a winning combination of Choir robes, floodlights and the courtyard echo. What Larks!

And so the LONG summer vacation begins.