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A Girl with a Plan

The Dog has ‘let himself down’. He has acquired a taste for cake with the help of Smallest Daughter. They have perfected the art of ‘team work’ – her with her nifty opposable thumbs and skilful tool use and he with his expert clearing of evidence – they are a crack squad of thieves.

Never at my best when required to suddenly produce many, many cupcakes I had actually managed this impressive feat – actually made them, not just bought them and roughed them up a bit to simulate home-made-ness.  Foolishly leaving the kitchen unattended as all cake was safely entombed in tins I returned just in time to witness the symbiotic relationship of Girl and Dog. A chair had been drawn up; the lid was off the cake tin; Smarties had been gobbled; icing licked; and cake dropped to the Dog-Hoover: They were 20 down, 40 to go.

Stealing from the home kitchen is bad but theft from the Museum Café in the Sydney Gardens is much, much worse. The Dastardly Dog, now regarding Cake as fair game rather like rabbits but easier to catch, made a full-scale assault on a large Lemon Drizzle standing tantalizingly within reach – it was seen, grabbed and gobbled within seconds.

Automatic doors leading to beautifully laid tables may have to be rethought. The Dog is now persona non grata in Bath as he does persist in coming out without his wallet leaving others to pick up the tab!