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Children able to return to school just in time for half term. Rather sweetly everybody has been confined each to their own hill and so could only socialize with those stuck on the same one. Luckily most of new friends on this hill.

Snow joy was short-lived. We slid through fields and woods on my Cath Kidson teatrays (posh teatrays more slide-y than cheap ones it turns out) but after One morning of this the children declared that snow was cold and ‘a bit tricky’ so for the rest of the winter we shall be eating pizza and going to the cinema.

Had a bizarre 80’s flash back as new children’s movie is 3D. The glasses have improved though – now more ‘Stevie Wonder’ than star trek. Weirded out feeling engendered by large 3D hamster in a ball was not helped by having shared a bottle of wine at lunch time with another snowed in mother.

We are now preparing for next party season – end of (half) term school disco – Imogen declaring boys are silly, Sam still with great hopes of Alice, unperturbed by still enormous father – with no ears. Ben has sorted his love life with the simple declaration that he will marry his beloved Daisy at the disco. He has both outfits picked out – for her, the Cinderella costume – for him, his cowboy suit – the only problem with this admirable plan is that Ben does not like to wear trousers (or pants) beneath his Chaps and so further enhances the YMCA look – I suspect the school will take a dim view. Harriet also practising her dance moves in anticipation. Favourite disco number the Sapphic ‘I kissed a girl – and I liked it’

Also have Ben’s 4th birthday party this weekend, only 2 months late. Not so easy to fool them once they can count as he remembers being 4 at Christmas and is now convinced he will be 5 at his party. Whoops! I see years of confusion ahead.

Have had to deal with Gecko grief. Sam has had his eye on a particular lizard at the pet shop – apparently he had named it – Geronimo – (Gerald Durrell a big influence at the moment), built a relationship with it through the glass – it was his friend. And now, alas, it is sold to someone else – someone who had managed to save more than £3.47.

Horse fever has us in its grip – the girl/pony thing is advanced in Imogen and beginning to infect the others. The city MPV is swiftly metamorphosing into a Jilly Cooper mobile as it accrues mud and rosettes and riding hats.

The rabbit still hates me. Growls whenever I approach, muttering ‘ castrating bitch’ under his breath as I gingerly post (out of date) pak choi through the bars. Bunny memory span clearly longer than I thought.