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After a fight to the death in an abortive attempt to get contact lenses into a 2 year old. Which reminded me – when I pondered it later – of Winnie-the-Pooh’s epic struggle with the honey pot boat. Each participant having a very particular idea about which way things were going to go. . .

And having entered into the fray with the town council on the matter of ‘statementing’ which feels exactly like Alice’s Looking Glass Land as everyone has to run fast in the wrong direction simply to stand still.

Was nearly driven to apoplexy by the discovery that the Education dept needs evidence of 2-3 terms’ failure on the part of Harriet before they can consider assessing her for a statement of special needs. Apparently she is distinctly disadvantaged by the fact that I have moved heaven and earth to ensure that she is developing reasonably normally despite the obstacles in her path. Extraordinary that such determinedly communist system can still be in place.

The thought that there might be snow on its way to trap me in the house again leaves me staring into the abyss with only the cocktail shaker between me and insanity.

Apologies for rant: Normal service will resumed as soon as possible.