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Played a bizarre countryside matching pairs game with sheep and lambs. Much more fun than the card sort as real sheep and lambs run about and make things trickier. For ease they had numbers sprayed on but still quite tricky as Ben’s number recognition not that brilliant and anyway the paint rubbed off a bit.

Had a brief shining moment when was released from domestic drudgery while someone else did it – for 4 hours. Unfortunately this broke them and now it is just me again. Bath has no polish/slovak helpers. How does it function.

Oppressed Husband has been busy – more so than usual as one homicidal maniac (or a group/gaggle/flange what should one call them – oh a gang – of course) has been adding to the work load by dropping off separate parts of their handiwork around a large area.

The bunny is stuck under the bath. Growling whenever it is approached.

I have been playing midwife to the stick insects – expect to be very busy over next month. 5 babies so far leaving 145 eggs to go.  AAARRGGH. Will now have to find a pet for Sam that eats stick insects. This would at least give this madness purpose.

As Easter approaches I wonder whether it will be safe to return to Bath Abbey for the Easter service. The Baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells might have forgotten the small child who responded so clearly and forcefully to the renewal of baptismal vows –

“Do you repent of all your sins?” “NO”.—” Do you turn to Christ?”  ” NO – POO-POO HEAD!”.

Or perhaps not!

The children are looking forward to the antics of the Bath Easter Bunny. Apparently last year it was, foolishly, much more generous than the London one . Bugger!