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Very much looking forward to our inaugural meeting of WI! Together with some other delusional young(ish) mothers whilst under the influence of wine and too much Kirsty Alsop we have decided to start a Bath Chapter (like the Hell’s Angels) of the Women’s Institute. We have visions of immediate brilliance in all things domestic and culinary. I am pretty sure though that we will actually carry on burning things in the kitchen while drinking gin and roaring with laughter.

Note to self – must always concentrate when speaking to children – careless talk costs pounds and often much more time/effort than available funds allow. Only noticed Sam in tears over plight of Tigers and Leopard while I was hurrying to get out for some meeting and v rashly promised to SORT IT OUT so am now solely responsible for saving endangered species of the world! I am not sure this can end well.

Excellent nativity action this year. I appear to be the official supplier of camels to Christmas productions but enjoyed the knobbly knee dance from a different angle this year. The stars (of the twinkling variety) had a proper punch up in the aisle due to alleged overtaking which kept me entertained.

Harriet’s star turn as Mary took so much out of her that she felt the need for a kip – mid show, on the pony. So I  was somewhat challenged keeping sleeping daughter on v grumpy Shetland who tried at every opportunity to step on my toes, or eat the baby jesus who was – very inconsiderately – lying in a manger. It was a thoroughly rural scene as dressed in wellies and as many clothes as we could lay hands on we took part in an actual advent nativity service in a barn, in the snow. Added realism anyway.

On the subject of rural life. I am not feeling quite so ashamed of having purchased what Simon disparagingly refers to as my Tonka Truck. Very happily going up and down hills, in and out of farms and country lanes in the snow and ice.  Not so silly now then!!