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Am feeling horridly hung-over this morning but also quite pleased with myself as went on mummies night out with Sam’s class (I think) and had lots of fun.

They were a mixed bunch and the evening did not start that well as got stuck talking to most boring woman in history – who was an extra anyway – but when I escaped her things perked up dramatically.

Found some funny feisty mummies at the other end of the table and ended up in a nightclub at 2 this morning. Was not the drunkest by a long way (A— had to be taken home and given to her husband whilst still babbling and declaring undying love to all present). Nor was I the noisiest and most opinionated ( that crown goes to E— who was somewhat tactless to newly divorced and somewhat sensitive flower, telling her to go out and get shagging and ‘helping’ this process along by dragging her to meet random men at the bar).

Slightly embarrassed myself by asking – accidentally in manner of high court judge – “what is the X Factor?”. This produced stunned silence and a horrified gasp of ‘don’t you have a telly?’ to which the answer is actually No. So now they all think I’m a terribly worthy and intellectual type. Obviously did best to dispel this misconception but not sure that teaching them all the Middle English/Medieval word for C – U –Next -Tuesday was the way to go with that. Quite surprised how few wives of bath have read the Wife of Bath.

Quite a lot of daddies on school run this morning complaining about feckless, drunken wives. Would love to have taken this option too but Oppressed Husband left for work shortly after I got in this morning leaving me to manage the school troop and a horrific dirty protest from Harriet (if left too long in the morning she likes to decorate herself and cot and walls with contents of nappy).

So quite looking forward to next weeks expedition with Year 4 mummies. They are rather a sporty bunch who are trying to press-gang me into the mummies hockey team with promises of drinks afterwards. Drink sounds good but the idea of playing hockey in the evening makes me want to run to the nearest bike shed and start smoking again.

Have joined the mummies choir! V welcoming despite fact I sing like a bull frog. Very jolly and cups of coffee in cafe afterwards and turns out half of them sing like bull frogs too.