The parts for the Nativity play have been allocated and the theme of ‘one donkey, one sheep, one shepherd, still no bloody Mary’ continues this year with a twist: Sam has landed a part as a Chinese Lantern. Whoever knew Jerusalem Inns in the 1st century would be so Homes and Gardens. He is thrilled, I am puzzled.

I am reliably informed that everybody hates you if you are the mother of Mary anyway.

Poor Fluffy probably had the worst of it this week. By losing something(s) he was undeniably attached to he has become as gender neutral as his name. Did feel rather a Judas as I left him at the vet with a cheerful wave and promises to pick him up later. The children were curious to know where they put the testicles after detaching them. We suspect the Veterinary nurse of making earrings out of them.

Having finally figured out how itunes works Oppressed Husband and I have been underlining the chasm in our shared musical history and horrifying each other with the cheesy disco classics of our age(s). Him (Shaft) me (Lovecats) and never the twain shall meet.