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Managed to accidentally dye bits of Harriet’s white blonde hair the same fetching shade of ‘iced chocolate’ that was attempting to use on my own hair. So Harriet has learnt early the perils of the home dye job. A particularly slick effort on my part as I had also forgotten that I was supposed to be hosting the Year 1 coffee morning so my new friends were treated to a vision of me with cling film on my head (obviously in an attempt to keep the dye under control) – Had, in addition, chosen that morning to paint toenails and, having been given top anti-smudging tip, had also oiled toes and wrapped them in the ubiquitous cling film – v useful stuff. It took a long time to get to the door and it was all I could do to stand upright.  Well – that broke the ice!

Actually no ice left to break and we have even planned a girls ski trip – to friends flat in Switzerland – have booked days with husbands and we are off….  Next year! Spontaneity a thing of the past.

Ben’s party a huge hit – my first outing with Tupperware so am now officially grown up.

School Disco also great fun. Sam was outraged not to win dancing prize despite spectacular moves and his best air-guitar – all performed on a chair (podium equivalent). Ben was momentarily nonplussed at non-appearance of his beloved Daisy but made do with Kirsty – kissing and HORIZONTAL CUDDLING on the dance floor! All very worrying.

International dress like a pirate day was marked with enthusiasm – having dressed 3 small pirates by 8:15am and deposited them at the site of the battle/jamboree that was school for the day Harriet and I escaped with our doubloons intact. Lot of medicinal rum needed.

Science week is in full swing – Oppressed Husband and I were slightly taken aback to discover that we were to supply all the wine bottle corks necessary to float the class raft (a large structure designed to support a person ) in the pond. Sam had assured his teacher and all his friends that this would be possible – as ‘my mummy and daddy drink so much’. All the other parents highly amused – much laughing and pointing.